Hybrid Cloud NAS designed for the Cloud Era.

All the benefits of Cloud with the performance of a NAS.

The Best of Both Worlds

CloudNAS combines the local Gigabit performance of a NAS with the reliability, scalability and accessibility of the cloud for businesses that require a cloud first solution for their data needs.

Bring the Cloud Closer with Morro Data CloudNAS

Management for
All Sizes

Manage all sites from the cloud. Use either Active Directory or Morro User Mode to manager users easily and efficiently.

File System

View your entire cloud with the Morro CacheDrive and get instant access to files without losing any hard drive space.

Location Based

Access permissions can be set based on whether the user is on or off premises or in a different office location.

Storage for
All Applications

We offer the best cloud storage choices from Amazon S3, Wasabi, Backblaze B2, OneDrive, and Dropbox, with file deduplication.

Cloud Storage at Gigabit Speed

Watch our one-minute video on how Morro Data combines what you love about your NAS and what you love about cloud storage into one amazing solution.

Regular File Server Interface.

Cloud Made Easy.
Love Share Drives? We Do Too.
Simply map a drive to any PC or Mac to enable users to drag-and-drop files to Morro Cloud storage. It’s just like using a local drive.

CloudNAS vs Azure File Sync

Replace or supplement traditional on-premises file servers or NAS devices, with seamless Azure AD user management integration. Compared to Azure File Sync, CloudNAS is:


Simple Web portal, network drive file server interface, and minimal setup. No Windows Admin expertise required. For those with Office 365 for Business or Azure AD, manage your users with single sign-on authentication.


Real-time file sync and file locking supported.


Starting at just $19/TB/month, CloudNAS is 1/3rd of the price of Azure File Sync. No transfer fees with the Wasabi storage option, compared to Azure Files $50/TB and up.

Pay For Only What You Need

In order to protect your data, on-premises storage solutions require admins to purchase redundant hardware, new capacity, and backup solutions. With Morro Data, you get all the same reliability, accessibility and scalability offered by cloud storage without compromising on performance.


Hardware Non-critical Appliance or VM Critical Redundant Hardware
Storage Pay Per Use Over Provisioned Hard Drives
Off-site Backup Cloud Backup and File Versioning Integrated Cloud Storage and Backup Management Required
Multi-Site Replication Add CacheDrives Expensive and Slow Replication Software
Disaster Recovery Replace CacheDrive (No Critical Hardware) Unreliable Backup Recovery
Management Simple IT Capacity Upgrade and Hard Drive Maintenance

Your Data, Your Cloud. FASTER

The Morro Data CloudNAS series works with the following cloud storage providers.

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